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For specific questions about the Alliance, please call one of the Alliance member organizations. To make an appointment contact your primary physician.

We're fighting together—so you can, too.

We understand how difficult and frightening it is to be diagnosed with cancer. We’re here  for patients throughout the greater Spokane and Coeur d’Alene region to help fight this disease close to home, near their support networks, with the help of the best team and technology available.

Uniting the region’s best caregivers, resources and technology.

Together we provide our patients with access to the finest hospitals, largest group of specialists, and most complete and advanced cancer treatment options available in the greater Spokane and Coeur d’Alene region. By combining our talents and resources, patients receive better treatment, greater convenience, and improved outcomes.

Broader treatments. Better outcomes.

Cancer isn’t one-dimensional, so we don’t approach treatment that way. By combining the resources of three leading cancer care organizations, we are able to provide patients with the most complete set of advanced treatment options in the region. We offer highly specialized treatments for even very unique types of cancer, and we’re constantly advancing our oncology program to improve our care options and results. We are the only provider in the region offering stem cell transplants and using tumor treating fields to treat cancers. We are also the only group of physicians in our region with a comprehensive brachytherapy program. These treatments have proven to offer the highest rates of cures for certain cancers.

Comprehensive cancer care.

Whichever Alliance member organization you see, you'll find each group is dedicated to comprehensive care—from cancer treatment to nutrition, rehabilitation and beyond. Please refer to the website of each individual group to learn about the types of care we provide.


The region's most advanced radiation treatment system.

The Alliance proudly uses Elekta Infinity technology. We loaded Elekta's Infinity model with as much advanced technology as possible to make it the region's most innovative radiation system—and to provide the most comprehensive set of treatment solutions available. Elekta Infinity typically reduces the time required for radiation therapy sessions to five minutes or less, while giving our care providers the ability to treat cancer more precisely and aggressively than ever before.

Elekta Infinity more accurately delivers radiation as it rotates around the patient, and it's equipped with a customized set of tools that enable unique treatments for virtually every type of cancer. It's a breakthrough approach from an experienced industry leader, and it's just one example of our commitment to continually advancing our treatment options. This translates into more comfortable, efficient treatment for patients.


The machines are more efficient at precisely delivering the needed (or prescribed) radiation doses, which results in significantly less treatment time required than on conventional machines.

More precise

Elekta provides 3D imaging at the time of treatment, enabling improved treatment accuracy.


Ultra-low dose imaging capabilities minimize unnecessary radiation exposure, which helps minimize the side effects of radiation therapy.

The same technology acquired by the country's #1 cancer treatment center.

We treat these cancer types:

If you’ve been diagnosed with a cancer not listed below, that doesn’t mean we don’t treat it. Please contact one of our member organizations to confirm the treatments we provide.

  • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)
  • Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)
  • Aplastic Anemia
  • Apocrine cancers
  • Anal Cancer
  • Biliary Cancer
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Brain Tumor
  • Breast Cancer
  • Carcinoid
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)
  • Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML)
  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Desmoid tumors
  • Endometrial Cancer
  • Ependymal tumors
  • Esophageal Cancer
  • Gallbladder Cancer
  • Gastrointestinal stromal tumors
  • Hodgkin's Disease
  • Kidney Cancer
  • Head and Neck Cancers
  • Lacrimal gland cancers
  • Leukemia
  • Liver Cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • Lymphoma
  • Melanoma
  • Meningiomas
  • Mesothelioma
  • Multiple Myeloma
  • Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS)
  • Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Pineal tumors
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Rectal cancer
  • Salivary Gland Cancer
  • Sarcoma
  • Sickle Cell Disease
  • Skin Cancer (nonmelanoma)
  • Stomach Cancer
  • Testicular Cancer
  • Thymoma
  • Thyroid Cancer
  • Uterine Cancer
  • Ureter cancer
  • Urethera cancer
  • Vulvar Cancer

You deserve world-class care.

We believe you should receive treatment right here, close to your family, friends and primary care provider. That's why we created The Alliance. It brings together the region's leading cancer care professionals, supported by the most advanced cancer-fighting technology available, all close to home.

Get started.

For specific questions about the Alliance, please call one of the Alliance member organizations. To make an appointment contact your primary physician.

Close to you.

The Alliance offers you and your care providers full access to all of our network facilities, technologies and resources.

Providing world-class cancer care right here, together.


The Alliance for Cancer Care