Frequently asked questions

How does The Alliance for Cancer Care help patients?
Through the Alliance, patients at any of our member locations benefit from the strengths of all three organizations. Working together allows Alliance members to provide patients better access to care, services and equipment.

Will I have to travel for care?
Alliance members offer outpatient radiation oncology in nine different locations across our region, from Spokane to Coeur d’Alene and beyond. Your treatment will be provided in the location that is most convenient and most appropriate for you.

How will my care be billed?
Each member of the Alliance will bill you or your insurance carrier for the care they provide to you. If you have financial concerns, please let us know; help is available.

Will the Alliance accept my insurance?
All Alliance members are fully credentialed and have contracts with most insurance providers in our region. A patient advocate will be happy to work with you to answer questions about your coverage.

Will I have to change doctors?
You should be able to continue seeing your same doctor. There may be times when he or she works with other specialists in the Alliance, but they will develop your course of treatment together.